Lots and lots of photos on drool this week.

That’s because i’m showing you droolers some time lapse photography.
Not your typical time lapse, though. No.

The time that has lapsed between the frames below is one and two and
three and four years………


As droolers know, this is my 4th (and last) year shooting USER. Over
those 4 years I’ve bumped into some of the same folks over and over
again. As well, there are some addicts who I met once, photographed,
and never met again.

I can meet someone there, ask them how long they’ve been on the
corner and they’ll say: “Five years”. But that’ll be the one and only
time I meet them. Such are the vagaries of their “schedule” and mine.

But, like I say, there are also a lot of folks down on the corner who
seem to always be down on the corner. Some of these people I’ve
photographed every year for three or four years.

Laurie is one of those people.

Laurie, Ottawa, 2007

Laurie, Ottawa 2008

Laurie, Ottawa, 2009

Laurie (Polaroid), Ottawa, 2009

Laurie, Ottawa, 2010

As you can see, she hasn’t changed that much. Many of the addicts I photograph
are like that. They endure. They persevere. Like you. Like me.

Of course nothing ever stays the same, there are always changes. Being a photo-
grapher I’m pretty much stuck with surface appearance, if you know what I mean.

As R. Avedon says (and I agree, but only up to a point):

“My photographs don’t go below the surface. They
don’t go below anything. They’re readings of the
surface. I have great faith in surfaces. A good one
is full of clues.”

Here’s a couple of shots of Cheryl, who, on the surface, certainly doesn’t look like a
crack addict. But she is. The top one was shot in 2008 and the bottom one is from
this week.

Cheryl, Ottawa, 2008

Cheryl, Ottawa, 2010

And there are those situations where the surface does tell a story, shows something
that happens over time.

Bush’s parents are looking after her baby boy. Bush visits them 4 times a week.

Bush, Ottawa, 2008

Bush, Ottawa, 2009

Bush, Ottawa, 2010

Bush, Ottawa, 2010

And then there are stories only I know. A ton of stories.

One of them is about Dakota.

About a year after I’d first photographed her she was diagnosed with breast
cancer. She went into the hospital and had a double mastectomy. While she
was recovering she told me how happy she was to have that image of her, it
showed the breasts she no longer has.

Dakota, Ottawa, 2008

Dakota, Ottawa, 2010

Dakota showing me her mastectomy scar, Ottawa, 2010

Dakota and me, Ottawa, 2010


And here’s some real fast time lapse, with sound. A video.

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.