And that’d be between the two WW’s (1918-1939)

This show, at Carleton University Art Gallery, is a must see if you are interested
in the collision of fotografy, design and propaganda (there are even retail adverts
on show).



Now, I don’t know if it’s just me wallowing in nostalgia for a time before my
time, but one has to wonder, looking at these, at how anemic most posters,
etc., are these days. The work on show here (admittedly the cream of the crop)
shows what is possible with adventure, creativity and guts.



I’m no theorist so I’ll leave the educated wonderings to the eggheads. All
I want to say here is: if you are in Ottawa it’s worth the trek to Carleton U.
to see these. They are wonderful.


Details here: XXXX


I’m thrilled and honored that my work has been chosen for inclusion in
CRITICAL MASS TOP 50, 2012. That’s a tough nut to crack, even more
difficult considering it was LIVE THROUGH THIS that was chosen and it’s
hard to get the jist of that thing by only seeing 10 fotos (which is what
the jury looked at).


The only other Canadian included was Aaron Vincent Elkaim, for his amazing
work done in Fort McKay.

Here is the link to the page that includes all the TOP 50 portfolios. Go have a
look, lots and lots of amazing work in there. XXXX

And, speaking of LIVE THROUGH THIS and not getting the jist of it from some
semi-random sampling of fotos, we’re shipping it to the press this Wednesday.
So the time to get your pre-order in so you receive the book, which shows the
project the way it’s supposed to be seen (complete and unabridged) AND the
original, signed print that is only available with pre-orders, is running out.

That print will be inserted into the pocket on we’re building in to the back cover.


The pocket will also hold the removable 12 page booklet that tells Steph’s
story in her own words. Here’s a taste:

. . .then he went back to the block and ended
up buying some heroin and he overdosed and
died. Now what pisses me off was it was a so
called friend that sold him the heroin and he
would of known that what he sold him was
too much!! so you dont really know who your
friends are!!!. Then A very close friend named
Leanne got murdered right on King Edward
street and she only smoked crack.

This life style is just a death wish you never
know when its your turn. You know Tony you
were there enough to see the non sence. . .

Please support this project by going here and buying a book: XXXX


Who knew?

Well, apparently many do. Know.

Seems that P. Halkes has these soirées. Under the auspices of her
thing called “Research in Art” (RIA) she hosts salons, a project room
and reading groups, all in her house. She’s interested. So are others,
apparently. According to the RIA website the salons are regularly fully
booked the day they are announced.

Her Project Room recently hosted an exhibition by Lynda Hall. Open
one night and, thereafter, by appointment.

Lynda Hall showed her first ever actual prints after a lifetime of taking
fotos. A show called “Entangled”, fotos taken at The Chicago Zoo and
on her rambles through the countryside. There, on the wall.



A goodly crowd was on hand to look, eat, talk and read the words
that Ms. Halkes wrote about Lynda’s work.

This is the first time I’ve been to an RIA event so have no idea, really,
what it’s all about or the general tone of the discussions. But I can say
was a pleasure to look at Lynda’s prints (finally), and that it’s interesting
how people can (and still do) do this sort of thing in our virtual daze.



More info here: XXXX

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.