Out of the blue, I got a request from the Globe and Mail to shoot some portraits
of Justice Richard Wagner. He’s Canada’s newest Supreme Court Judge. And a busy
guy, seeing as the court is sitting.

All-in-all he was in front of the lens for 13 minutes. In that time I managed to get
in 3 set-ups. Here’s the shot they ran, followed by a couple of out takes. . .




Thirteen minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but if you proceed calmly, with a
plan, it’s usually more than enough. We weren’t even shooting the whole time. I
reckon 3 or 4 of the minutes I had with him were spent in conversation, which is
never a waste of time, if you ask me.


I’m printing LIVE THROUGH THIS, the show. It’s scheduled to open at Carleton
University Art Gallery on January 14th.

Managed to get a bit of precious real estate in Canadian Art mag. . .




A couple of folks who received LTT were kind enough to respond:

Juan Carlos Norea, Barcelona:
Tony. You are the future……in a dangerously independent,
kind of way. The book is much more than a photo series or
project. It’s a story about society and how individuals make
a difference. It’s clear to see how programs implemented in
society are not enough to make a difference. It takes hard
working, caring individuals to grease the gears. Once I looked
at and read the entire thing, I was left with a feeling that you
had met an individual who needed to work things out. You
provided a lift and by doing so, you learned, she learned, we
learned. For those who wish to sweep this sort of real life
situation under the carpet so as not to inconvenience their
one dimensional world, I say, “Live Though This!”

Max Gerber, Los Angeles:
received my copy of Tony Fouhse’s “Live Through This” in the
mail yesterday. this is a beautiful, difficult, moving, important
book. in every detail it’s obvious how much care went into putting
this thing together, from the stamped cardboard protecting the
cover, to the minimal and elegant design which let’s the story
breathe and creep up on you. at times hard to look at, at other
times funny and sweet and lovely. this is not flashy photography,
this is good, solid, honest picture-story telling. i know very well
how difficult it is to do something like this so well. kudos to you,
tony. i’m proud to own a copy.

Thanks to both of you, it means a lot.

And for those of you out there who haven’t bought a copy yet, please consider it.
Without your support independent publishing can not exist.

Go here and but something: XXXX


Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.