LIVE THROUGH THIS the official book launch

As you may know, the official launch of LTT is happening at the
Carleton University Art Gallery this Monday. That’s February 4th.
Seven in the evening.

In conjunction with the launch will be a conversation between
Robert Evans, who curated the exhibition of LTT at CUAG, and
myself and one Stephanie MacDonald, who made the trip down
from Nova Scotia just for this event.

So come on down and bring 38 measly bux if you want to buy
a book. Steph and I will sign ’em for free. Also on sale will be
a Special Edition of the book, which comes with an original,
signed/numbered 8×10 print in a custom sleeve. One hundred

Should be interesting. . .

Directions to the gallery. . . .


Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.