There’s a lot of links and radio interviews on drool today. It’s all about
a couple of personal projects, and some of it has already appeared in
my Fb feed.

If you do decide to scroll down and dip in here I would recommend
one thing for sure to check out: the radio interview Steph did for
CBC Halifax. It’s near the bottom and definitely worth some time.

So, let’s go. . . .


The New York Times LENS blog ran a substantial portfolio and story
about my latest work: Official Ottawa, (still in progress).


See it here: XXXX

There was a very interesting response to that from, of all people,
Ottawa Rickshaws, which is a local biz that hauls tourists and
drunks around the Byward Market in, yes, rickshaws.


Read it here: XXXX

And I did an interview on CBC radio about it, as well. XXXX. Takes
a few seconds to load.

And then the Huffington Post picked it up and gave it their own,
political, spin.


The HuffPost thing was one of my first forays into that branch
of social media. The comments are hilarious. Mostly, I guess,
written by old dads who listen to too much talk radio. If you
want to be either perplexed or entertained go check those
comments out.

Huffington Post: XXXX



Phlis McGregor, from CBC radio Halifax came down to ViewPoint
Gallery to interview us. She was mostly (rightly) interested in
hearing what Steph had to say.

Here’s that interview. I’m the first 4 minutes. I suggest you skip
to 3:55 to hear Steph. XXXX

And, finally, a thing that appeared in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

foto by Adrien Veczen for the Chronicle Herald (with some curves applied)

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.