Anybody who knows me or reads this blog knows I’m not really a geek.

A goof, but not a geek.

Sure, I appreciate a beautiful tool (Hasselblad) as much as the next guy.
Photoshop is swell but I’m not too interested in learning all it’s bells and
whistles. Mostly I like taking and editing photographs.

A few months ago I bought the Apple program APERTURE. It’s a photo editing
program that (if you ask me) is amazing. Since I’ve been loading my images into
it at shoots and using it for editing and post-production back at the studio I’ve saved
hours of time. APERTURE’s just that well thought out.

Here are some screen captures outlining the edit of a job I shot last week for Westjet.
The person is Veronique Rivest, she just won “Best Sommelier in Canada” and is about
to go and represent us in the big international sommelier taste-off in Spain.

Picture 1.png
Here are the images that I’m going to edit. In Aperture you can toggle
thru the images, assign ratings and sort by those ratings.

Picture 3.png
This task is easy because you can compare images side by side. There’s
a loup tool that allows you to see images at 100% to check details.

Picture 4.png
Here is a rough edit. 124 images down to 31.

Picture 5.png
Now come the hard dicisions. It’s possible to compare up to 8 images
at once.

Picture 6.png
Here are the selects. Nine images. I’ll fix these up a little bit and send
them to the client.

Picture 11.png
Aperture works with RAW files. There’s a toolbar that allows you to
adjust all the things you can adjust in Photoshop CameraRAW but,
since this is an Apple program the desktop looks way kooler. Plus,
after a whole bunch of testing I’ve discovered that I prefer the way
Aperture adjusts the files.

Picture 12.png
A crop is put on the select and there you go……..

Picture 14.png

In Aperture you can export the images in a whole bunch of different
resolutions. You just choose and push a button. I’ll export the nine
selects as medium-sized JPEGs and send them to my client. They’ll have
a look and tell me which one(s) they’d like sent full size. Then I’ll go back
to this project, finesse the post production of their choice a bit more and
export the file as a full-sized, FINAL, tiff and send it along………..

There are a bunch of other things Aperture does really well, too. But I’m
not a geek so I won’t bore you with all those details.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about photos I’d taken of two things. And about
weird synchronicity.

Well, last Thursday I shot two managers, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon.
Two totally different kind of places….one a big hotel, the other a pub.

I suppose that in my line of business that’s not altogether too weird, but…….there you
have it.



I finally got around to updating my web site. Forty four new images.

Just click on my logo (above) and you’ll get there. The top dots in each category
lead you to the thumbnails of the new pix.

When you take as many pictures as I do it can be quite a chore (an enjoyable
chore) to edit them down to a dull roar. Of course there are always shots that
don’t make it. I guess I’ll post a couple of them here.

After all…..what’s a blog for?

(click on images to enlarge)

H Player-1-small.jpgH Player-2-small.jpg