Must be Spring, the flies are coming out.

This is the first one that woke up in our house this year. I love the way
it’s color changes depending upon the angle it’s struck by light.

fly+fish-1 small.jpgfly+fish-2 small.jpg

Spring is also the beginning of being able to shoot outside without freezing
your ass off. I’m very happy that the great outdoors is now a viable option.
There’s way more outside than there is inside. That can really complicate
shoots in terms of possibilities, but I mostly believe that complications are
more fun than limitations.

The one thing I really hate about shooting outside, tho, is the bugs.

Bugs bug me.

I dug out a couple of pages from the Canadian Council on Substance
Abuse annual report. I shot these last summer in my back yard.

Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2.jpg


For a while there drool was full of me almost dying, wounded soldiers and banal waiting room shots.

I was trying to post some baby pictures to lighten the mood…..had to wait for client approval…..finally
got it. Worth the wait? Who knows.

Here are some out takes from a job I did for the Canadian Medical Association. They needed shots of a
baby and a jumping kid for a trade show booth and some posters.

I love being around kids. Like their energy and inherent sense of anarchy. Of course those qualities don’t
always make for the most relaxed shoots, but what else is new! If you ask me, very shoot should have
energy and bits of anarchy. It’s just that, with babies and kids, it’s a bit more difficult to control. The
energy and anarchy, that is. If controlling anarchy isn’t an oxymoron.

Having said that I must also say that both these little people were sweet to work with. The art director,
the assistant, the moms, the standers-by and yours truly all had some giggles and laughs.

Thanks to the folks at the ad agency for lining up the talent and help with kid wrangling.

If you click on each grid of pix you’ll see one of the shots blown up.

Baby small.jpg

anna small.jpg


Drove to Whitby to do a shoot at Honda this week.

(Well, actually I shot at Christ Church Cathedral for a day then finished up the Canada Post annual
report then drove to Whitby and shot. But the drive to Whitby’s what I’m talking about here.)

I’ve always been fascinated by the act of travel……moving thru time and space. I suppose
you could say that that’s what every one and thing does……moves thru time and space. But
you know what I mean. Getting in a car or plane and moving out of your regular orbit is what
I call travel.

I believe that we mostly, even in our day-to-day lives, really just skim the surface of things. That goes
double when we travel. The great thing about being knocked out of our regular orbits, though, is we’re
a bit more awed. Things seem new, or at least unusual. It’s like taking 1/4 hit of acid. But we still don’t
really know. Penetration (the action or process of making a way through or into something, like this world,
for instance) is still the exception.

Here are some scenes from the drive to Whitby.

whitby blog-small.jpg

Last week I wanted to post some baby shots.

I was waiting for the okay from the client to post them here. Seems that the client is now on holiday (travel).
I’m gonna put up some other baby shots. Big baby.

These were shot at the Nat’l Gallery of Canada. The baby was made by Ron Mueck.


baby4 300.jpg