“There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph.
All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”

Richard Avedon

“London calling
Yes I was there too
And you know what they said
Well some of it was true.”

Joe Strummer/The Clash

I think that both these quotes are really saying the same thing…..that there’s no
such thing as objectivity.

Way back when, I went to London (England) and tried to describe my thoughts and
feelings about that place by taking portraits of people who lived there. If you go
with instinct, certain choices become clear. This, not that. Here, not there.

Once you choose, that choice really only defines you, your relationship to the world.
Not the world.

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Shot like craaaaaazy last week.

Here’s a day-by-day rundown.

Of course these are only quickly picked selects. For every hour
of shooting there’s probably at least another hour spent in post
production….editing, Photoshopping, finessing. Stuff like that.
Not to mention writing quotes, meetings, location scouting and
so on and so forth.

Welcome to my working week…..

Monday I shot model Raquel Nevado for her portfolio…..

Raquel combo 1.jpg

Tuesday went to St Lawrence College in Kingston and photographed students for
an advertising campaign…..


Wednesday was Louise Wendling, CEO of Costco Canada, in the morning
and David Suzuki in the afternoon, for 2 different magazines…..

louise wendling-  044.jpg

suzuki-  038.jpg

Thursday I photographed employees at InnovaPost for web and collateral use…..


Friday I started work on an annual report. I’m not at liberty to publish those photos
here so I’ll leave you with a couple more shots from Monday…..

Raquel combo 2.jpg


And a reminder…..My contest runs until the end of the month. I’m adding
what I think is a kool prize: a baseball hat with my logo embroidered onto it.
I’m only getting 60 of the suckers made, so if you want to own a semi-rare
thingy get writing.


Okay dork boys, geek girls, funky foto fans and drool suckas, it’s your turn.

I read in the Globe + Mail the other day that blogs are dying. Lots of folks started them
when they were all the rage but soon grew weary of posting. Or, I guess, discovered that
they really had nothing to say.

That article got me thinking. Why did I start drool? What do I have to say?

I started it on a whim. I like the idea that each week can be a little mini project, that I can
throw up out-takes, shots from my archives, random thoughts, shit like that.

Some weeks it’s tough to find a subject. I sit down and jot some stupid thing, or post
some throwaway pix. Later I might find out that someone (or other) thought that that post
was one of my best.

Other times I put my heart + soul into it, think it’s the best post ever, and no one cares.

Funny, that.

I had no real aspirations when I started drool, no ambition except to do it and see what happened,
what I came up with. So far I’m mostly enjoying it. And I think I’m pleased with the traffic. My
latest stats tell me that get over 150 unique visitors a day and that they stay for 14.02 minutes.
That’s the average.

And I think: Who are you?

So, this week I’m running a contest, trying to find out.

All you’ve got to do to enter is post a comment here containing a few sentences telling me why you check
drool out. What you like and/or what you don’t like. There’s a comment link just under each post’s title.
The winners will be chosen by a random draw.

The first prize is a little framed print. “Super 8, Wooster, Ohio, 2005”. There are also two runner-up
prizes… booklet: IN DREAMLAND.

I think that not everyone checks in to drool every week, so I’m leaving this contest open until the end of
the month.

Fill me in.

Super 8 frame-72.jpg

Super 8-72.jpg

dreamland cover.jpg

dreamland spread.jpg