The phone rang at 5 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, the person asked to speak to Tony Fouhse.
I thought it was a telemarketer but it turned out to be a doctor I’d never met who was calling
to save my life (or at least save the day).

I’d been feeling poorly for a while, quite sick to tell the truth, and by some fluke the 2 sets of
bloodwork I’d had done over the course of 5 days had landed on Dr. Zimmerman’s desk. She’s
a Nephrologist who’s on the ball…..she noticed that my kidneys (nephrologists deal in kidneys)
were going through a massive, acute failure.

Long story short, I was rushed to the hospital where a bed and specialists were waiting for me.
I was checked in, poked, prodded, questioned. Poked and prodded some more. There was no
time to waste.

I ended up staying in hospital for 4 days where the teams did good (but painful) work on me
and I’m now back home. My symptoms are in abatement because the causes were treated.

me in hosp.jpg
Cindy brought me my point and shoot the second day I was in the hospital. What follows are
a few of the kinds of photos you can take when you’re stuck in a bed, no mobility, facing one
direction and an uncertain future. Not what I would choose to shoot…..I shot what was there,
what I could see.

kidney 2.jpg
Thanks to the nurses and doctors who treated me. I appreciate it.


I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in a Photography/Poetics experiment conducted
by Stanford University.

The experiment was conducted by the Stanford Photographic Otiose Opinion Foundation. S.P.O.O.F.
had heard about my theories of the relationship between Poetry and Photographs and were anxious
to hook me up to their Photo/Poetics Neuralizer to see what would happen, what could be proved.

Here’s some pix of me attached to the S.P.O.O.F. Neuralizer….it’s not as comfortable as it looks since
some of the wires are actually inserted right into the brain. I still have a headache from the deal so I’ll
only touch on one image/opinion/result from the experiment.

I maintain that photographs and poems are closely related. Both rely on the reading and reaction
of the audience, sometimes their meanings are obfuscated by the talent (or lack of talent) of their
creator….but it’s possible to build in signifiers, hints and signposts to guide the people studying
the Poem or the Photograph towards the meaning(s) the author intends. Usually the viewer can’t
actually verbalize the built-in meaning but it’s there none the less.

A case in point is the image below. The fellow is Dan Goldberg, the C.E.O. of Telesat Canada.
This is a firm that puts satellites into space and then rents their bandwidth to other companies.
The image was set up to reflect those facts, whether you see it or not……he’s sitting on a wave
in front of a black void. How obvious can you get? I maintain that the image effectively recreates,
in the dude’s front lobby no less, the kind of business he’s in.

Dan Goldberg-  065.jpg

Here’s where the S.P.O.O.F. Neuralizer came in. I was hooked up and questioned about this image.
After much poking/prodding/pontificating/posturing the folks at S.P.O.O.F have declared me SANE!
That, in fact, there is a meaning to this editorial portrait of a C.E.O. That I’m not making this shit up.

Thank you, thank you very much.