I finally got around to updating my web site. Forty four new images.

Just click on my logo (above) and you’ll get there. The top dots in each category
lead you to the thumbnails of the new pix.

When you take as many pictures as I do it can be quite a chore (an enjoyable
chore) to edit them down to a dull roar. Of course there are always shots that
don’t make it. I guess I’ll post a couple of them here.

After all…..what’s a blog for?

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H Player-1-small.jpgH Player-2-small.jpg



Mostly I like taking pictures of people. Pictures of things just aren’t risky enough.

Things don’t have schedules, don’t talk back, can’t respond so fluidly to direction.

Every so often, though, I’m asked to shoot things (or interiors, or details). The two
photos here are bits from two assignments, one for Report on Business magazine,
the other from a shoot I did for Winkreative, in London, England, for Porter Airlines
in-flight magazine: re:Porter. (The Spitfire was for RoB, the boiler, from the Deifenbunker
cold war government hide-out, for re:Porter.)

Even though I prefer shooting people I must say that it’s kind of relaxing to do
interior-type shoots from time to time.

These two shots were taken about 4 months apart, for different clients. I’m struck,
though, by some kind of weird synchronicity…..they’re both wartime relics being held
off the ground by supports.

These things happen.

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Mike Potter-small.jpgdeifenbunker-small.jpg

DAY 1; DAY 19,212

Today is the first day of 2007 but the 19,212th day of my life.

I never could understand the whole “happy new year” thing. As Bono sings: ” Nothing
changes on New Year’s day”.

I suppose we all carve our lives up into manageable bits. After all, we’re human all
too human. I prefer to try to see life as one long thread. Same with the oceans. We
call them by different names but if you look you’ll see that they’re all connected….
one big body of water.

The great public holidays have a certain power, I suppose, whether I want to acknowledge
it or not. Oh well…..I’ll try not to get bent out of shape about it…..maybe even wallow in
a bit of nostalgia…..look back to see Cindy and me when we were young(er).

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me me me-thumb.jpgcindy gatethumb.jpg