Scheduling is just about one of my least favorite parts of my job.
Without it, though, nothing gets shot. You gotta get yourself and the
subject(s) of the photo(s) in the same place at the same time.

(I was once shooting at a hi-tek place. I showed the little mini-portfolio I
travel with to the client. He noted a portrait of Leslie Nielson and asked
me: “Did you meet him?’ I said: “No, I used a really, really long lens.”)



It took about 17 phone calls over 5 days to get these four top chefs to my studio
at the same time on the same day. Once they were there I had about an hour to
shoot a group shot and all the individual portraits.

The phone calls took longer than that.



Millhaven Penitentiary: a group of buildings surrounded by a chain link fence,
a ten foot track and another chain link fence. Both fences are topped with twin
rolls of razor wire. Guard towers at every corner. Maximum security.

Ben (the assistant) and I were checking in at the guardhouse (which is just outside the
perimeter). I remembered I had forgotten a piece of gear. I asked Ben to go back to the
car to get it. Ben takes off running across the lawn to get the thing. The guard checking
us in drops her pen, runs to the door and shouts: “STOP! STOP!” Tells Ben to walk, and
not only to walk, but to stick to the path, too.

She comes back to the guardhouse and tells me: “The last time I saw someone running
away from the fence I put a round in my chamber.”

If you’re ever escaping from a prison I guess your best bet is to saunter.

We were there to photograph Tracey Fenton, a program director at the prison.




We landed in Charlottetown early Friday morning and left Saturday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon…..that’d be yesterday, now.

It’s always a little bit surreal jetting into a city, working, and then jetting out
12 or 24 or 36 hours later.

You get a sense of the place but the sense is skewed. A lot of the time trips like
this consist of:

– Airport
– Taxi
– Hotel
– Shooting location
– Walk around after you’re done shooting
– Taxi
– Airport
– Home

And you’re always a little bit distracted.

Here’s some of what I saw in Charlottetown.



I also managed to find the time to shoot portraits (for myself) of some of the staff at the hotel.

Here are my 4 favorites…..

(click on images to enlarge)