I happened upon a couple of online portfolios recently: portraits
of people who participated in the Occupy movement of a couple
of years ago. You probably remember that so I won’t explain it

The thing that most struck me (and it might be, probably is, just
me) was how uninterested I was in them.

Funnily enough (I’ve never said I wasn’t “funny”) if these portraits
had been presented with less context (and had been more tightly
edited) I would probably have liked them more. But the fact that
they were so aligned with an actual event (as well as being so
repetitive) was was turned me off.

And that got me thinking about my preferences . . .

I’m quite sure that I’m most drawn, most interested in and most
affected by images that aren’t really about any one defined event
or movement. I guess I like images that are less historical, more

And in conjunction with those thoughts I bumped into an very
interesting article over on BagNews.

They (BagNews) look at how photographs of some of the poorer
parts of Washington, D.C., shot by Susana Raab, are “changed”,
or re-contextualized, with the addition of extended (and pointed)
captions, by Politico, the magazine that featured some of the images,
from Ms Raab’s (pre-existing) series.


It’s not like the captions added by Politico place Ms Raab’s fotos
into specific “events”, but what the captions do do is narrow the
viewer’s ways of reacting to the images by making them more

Specificity is fine sometimes, but complexity, subtle symbolism
and a coherent yet open-ended point of view are enough for me.

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In 2011 I lost my mind.

Somewhere beneath the world we all know, was mine. With reality
removed, I stepped forward. Into a dream. There was no self, there
was nothing else.

191 photographs followed me back from that time.

In Back to me., lay 30 pictures from then. They may or may not
give you a glimpse into that world. You might feel what I felt, but
mostly you will feel what you feel.

Christina Riley, 2014

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Why do you come here?
What am I supposed to say?
What if I have nothing to say?
What’s the point of churning out “content” just because?
How does one keep up in this saturated world?
Should one keep up?
What does keeping up mean anyway?
What am I afraid of?
Do you think I’ll tell you that?
Have I in the past?
Will I in the future?
What do you know about me?
How do you know it?
What do you know about yourself?
How do you know it?
How soon will you forget?
What do you remember?
Why not?


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AND . . .

For those of you who might have missed it . . . Colin Pantall wrote a very thoughtful
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He also had some nice things to say about STRAYLIGHT (which needs your support
if it is to strive) as well as some interesting perspective about Toronto. (Colin lives
and works in Bath, England, but visits relatives in Southern Ontario every summer
so has a certain amount of perspective on good-old T.O.)

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