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Tony | December 8, 2013

On the STRAYLIGHT front, I’ve been working with Christina Riley on her book,
tentatively titled “Welcome Back To Me”. A tale of love and madness.

Christina is probably, as I write this, delivering her first baby. And not only is
she doing that, while (more or less) working on her book, but her band, Burnt
Palms, is in the final stages of mixing and releasing the album they recorded
in Brooklyn this summer.

As Christina wrote to me the other day:

I’m having thee babies at once.
human baby
book baby
album baby

page spread: Welcome Back To Me

Staying with STRAYLIGHT, there are still 2 copies available of the Special Edition
(Parking) of my new ‘zine: L.A. PHOTOGRAPHS. There are some regular editions
of that publication to be had, as well.

cover, page spread and the Special Edition image, “Parking”

I would like to thank all the folks who have so far supported STRAYLIGHT by
purchasing publications. I might add that any and all monies made through
sales there, get used to produce more books and ‘zines.

And things on the Official Ottawa front have ground to a halt for now, what
with me getting pretty ensconced with the two above-mentioned projects.
Not to mention it’s getting damn cold here in Kapital City.


But after Xmas that project is going to switch to inside mode, where I will be
trying to gain access to the interiors that represent both Official Ottawa and
what this project is about. Here’s one I’ve already shot . . .

Corridor, Parliament Buildings, Centre Block, 3rd floor


Tony | December 1, 2013

Predicting the future is a chumps game. But so is not paying attention
to the past. Our problem is we’re stuck in this thing called the present,
a weird time between the past and the future, a time where, it would
seem, perspective is in short supply.

Of course, in one way, predicting the future is easy: MORE OF THE SAME.

When the future looks back on how we spend the days of our lives these
days, I’m sure (I guess) the future will understand. After all, we’re just
doing what we’ve almost always done; we’re doing what we are, in fact,
probably wired to do: looking on the bright side, indulging our peeves
with grumbles, making do with our lot, ignoring the glaring inequities
and injustices, exploiting who and what we can (even ourselves) and,
after all, existing.

Yes, there are those who don’t accept how things are. Problem is, their
dissension almost always lacks the action that is required to actually
change things, because the system is too skewed to be changed from
the inside. Slightly adjusted? Yes, Changed? No.

Too, there are many who believe in the goodness of the way things
are now. After all, they’re doing fine (thank you very much). The idea
of change, any change, is just too scary.

Me? I don’t have too much hope that things will change very much,
I’m really just an imperfect observer. Imperfect because, despite my
fatalism, I still seem to care. And it is that crux, between acceptance
and caring, that defines my view of the world and, by extension, what
and how I photograph.

Communications Security Establishment Canada outbuilding, Ottawa, 2013


The preceding message was brought to you by: STRAYLIGHT Press.

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Please support independent publishing.


Tony | November 24, 2013


I started STRAYLIGHT Press in order to produce and distribute Printed
Photo Matter. My own, and others’.

In this day and age of interweb image consumption I reckoned that
physical objects, fotos in book and ‘zine form, still have their place.
Maybe, even, especially have their place.

From the Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood, by Stacy Kranitz. STRAYLIGHT Press

The days of the foto as a precious commodity to be seen only as a print
upon a wall, or only to be held in the dark of some museum’s collection
vault, just seems so quaint. (Not that I have a problem with that as one
aspect of what fotografy can be. In fact, I kind of like looking at framed
fotos on walls. And collections certainly have their place.)

HOMIES, by Adam Amengual. STRAYLIGHT Press

The days of instantly posted images thrown up onto the web are upon
us. Books and ‘zines are less disposable and, given the commitment,
surely more thought out than the throwing up of images onto a Tumblr,
a blog or, heaven help us, Facebook.

Live Through This, by Tony Fouhse. STRAYLIGHT Press


Which is happy to announce a new publication: L.A. PHOTOGRAPHS, by
yours truly. In an edition of 200, signed and numbered ‘zines. There are
also two Special Edition versions (in an edition of 10) that come with an
8×10 print. (The Special Edition “Runaway” is sold out and, as of this
writing, there are three copies of the Special Edition “Parking” available.)


I won’t bore you with any more details here. If you are interested just
drop by STRAYLIGHT and have a look. Here: XXXX

There are also copies of LIVE THROUGH THIS available, which now come
not only with free shipping in Canada (and only $5 to the USA and $10 to
the rest of the world), but also wrapped in a very cool object: a make ready
from the print run.

Sample make ready (run through the press twice)

Here: XXXX

Shipping of all STRAYLIGHT publications in Canada is now free,
and only $5 to the USA and $10 to the rest of the world.


A while ago I supported DISCO, a Kickstarter thing by Andrew Miksys. Got the
book in the mail (all the way from Lithuania) this week. Brilliant.



Andrew is an American-Lithuanian. For ten years he would travel to Lithuania,
and drive the back-roads until he found discotheques. Discos in small towns,
many located in Soviet- era culture houses.

Once there he would photograph. Not in a documentary fashion. No, he shot
portraits, interiors and the roads he took to get there. I love this approach.



And the actual, physical, book is fantastic, too, what with its slightly sparkly,
slightly plush cover and its the wonderful reproductions of great fotos.

You can find info on the book here: XXXX




Opening this Wednesday (Nov. 27th) is STEPHEN HARPER: The Portrait Gallery.
A pop-up show organized by Don Monet, in which various artists react to one
Stephen Harper, P.M.


Like the poster says: Three Days Only.

Then, opening Thursday, December 5th, at Exposure Gallery, is a show called:

Weirdly enough, the images I have in these 2 shows are related. The portrait of
Harper will be in the portrait show and a shot of his limo with security detail will
be in the show at EXPOSURE.


HARPER deets here: XXXX
CELEBRATION deets coming later.


Tony | November 17, 2013

Back in Feb., 2011 I spent some time in L.A., me and my Linhof. Ended up
exposing about 110 pieces of film.

That was when I was in the middle of the whole LIVE THROUGH THIS thing
and, while it was swell to get away, I was pretty much beside myself the
whole time I was there. Upon my return all hell broke loose. Steph was
rushed to the hospital and had brain surgery and I was consumed by the
fallout from that. Took me over a year to regain my equilibrium.

So the whole L.A. trip kind of got forgotten.


But a few weeks ago I decided to try to make some sense of those L.A.
photographs; I pulled them out and started an edit. One of the beauties
of shooting so few fotos is that the edit is a lot less complicated than it
would be if there were hundreds or thousands of images to choose from,
and some big (or little) story or narrative arc to wrangle.


But at the same time, I didn’t (couldn’t, wouldn’t) just throw a bunch
of fotos into some layout and sequence and call it done. There was
a lot of reviewing images, re-scanning and proof printing. Lots of
moving around of shots. A number of versions of the dummy . . .


I ended up with L.A. PHOTOGRAPHS. A 40 page book that will soon
be available at STRAYLIGHT Press.



Ex-assistant Christina Riley is at it again.

She was blogging vociferously for a bunch of years, some really
intense stuff about love and madness. It was kind of secret in
that not many folks had access to what she was posting. (That
work will become a STRAYLIGHT publication in 2014.)

Potential page spread. ©Christina Riley

After a layoff Christina is blogging again, and this time it’s no
secret. I suggest you check out BEAUTIFUL AND GONE, where
she posts fotos and writes about a few new series she’s in the
initial stages of shooting. And, now that she is on the cusp of
becoming a mother, she begins to look at that, too.

Plain and simple honesty. From a unique perspective, but one
that, if you, too, are honest, you will recognize.


Seaside portrait, 2013. © Christina Riley