Spent a bunch of days shooting dancers in dance outfits. What a scene.

There were 7 or 8 dancer/models per day, 2 makeup artists, 2 hairdo doers and a producer. Plus a choreographer to make sure the images would meet the stringent scrutiny of people in the dance world who, I’m told, are sticklers for correct form. Could be the coolest fashion shot in the world but if a foot’s turned wrong…..look out.

Here are some scenes from the studio and a 26 second video of me trying to get a dancer/model to scream.

Get, not make. Scream. (click to play/

(click image to enlarge)




Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.

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  1. I was at this shoot. My daughter was one of the dancers. We had a blast. Tony was able to get some great shots that even the dance teachers will love.. proper feet and all. Love your website racy pictures and all. Do you have any more fotos of the dancers since Laura is not on your website.

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