Started a new portfolio……this is the first page:


I was real tired of the standard photo-portfolio format and had a bunch of misc. test prints lying on my desk. The kind of output I’d normally throw out when I was done with it. Anyway, I picked up a plain old sketch book and some double sided tape. (I already had the black masking tape.) Then I just started sticking the prints onto the pages. Trying to keep it loose. Not thinking about it too, too much..

Here are the next three pages:


(click image below to enlarge)


When I ran out of images that were just lying around I started making prints of new work as I shot it. I stuck them in too. Chronologically. So the book’s kind of random and keeps evolving as more images become available. I think I might stop adding shots at the end of the summer and take it around to show folks.

Here’s the last spread I stuck in:

(click image to enlarge)

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.

One thought on “NEW (LOOK) PORTFOLIO”

  1. How Proud I am of my nephew Tony and his artistic wife Cindy. I check your block or drool whatever, every few days and I enjoy myself tremendously. It takes ones mind off other things and I truly enjoy myself. Laugh and wish I could tell Jerry all about it. I know he checked it very often. You are certainly talented and I wish you well.

    Lots of love Brenda.

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