Some people tell me I’m funny.

Me: “Do you think we should move over there?”
Some people: “You’re funny.”
Me: “ But I only said ‘Do you think we should move over there?’”
Some people: “It’s the way you said it”.

Funny, I guess.

I never really got it (being funny) until I met Christina, my assistant. I’m pretty sure that she’s funny the way I’m funny…..just the way she says stuff makes me laugh. Now I get it: funny.


Christina and I have been funny together for a year and a half but that’s all ending. She’s quitting to go surfing and then she’s going on to do her own thing. I’m sure going to miss her funny.

I’ve only got about a million shots of her as she stood in, during assignments, for shot blocking and lighting.

(click image to enlarge)
I’d shoot her, too, when we were stuck in some hotel/motel room after a shoot. Can’t stop taking pictures.
Here’s a couple of the first motel shots (early 2005, Cambridge, Lexus plant shoot) and the last (August 8th, 2006, in Toronto shooting venture capitalists).

(click images to enlarge)


Xtina-motel-2a.jpg xtinalast.jpg

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.

5 thoughts on “BYEBYE (FUNNY)”

  1. Hi Tony,
    Just received email re announcement/hype message.
    Once I got beyond the obvious simpleton quasimoto “tonyfoto/drool” imagery, my mind naturally wandered to
    more literary thoughts. Maybe your blog will turn out to be that long sought-after place of urban legend known as drool’s paradise?
    No matter. I’ve come to drool, I’ve seen and read and I’ll drop by again for your special take photos and photos that matter as well as the just for fun photos.
    keep on snapping,

  2. love the movie, got to really see you in action too! thanks for the shoots you did for diane magazine, hope to work with you again

    keep updating


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