Last night Ben, my new assistant, mentioned in passing that I was a workaholic. I’ve never thought of
myself as one. I love naps and can be a total slug given half a chance. I walk Wilkie (my dog) through a field or
down by the river every single day. I watch TV and read 3 or 4 novels a month.

This Sunday morning though, as I write this at 7 o’clock, it may be difficult to deny.

My name is Tony Fouhse and I’m a workaholic.

Here’s my last week (and if you hate lists just know that I was very, very busy and skip to the next paragraph):

– 3 clients (2 editorial, 1 commercial)
– 6 days of shooting
– 12 locations
– Dressing sets 8 o’clock at night to be ready for 6 in the morning starts the next day
– Doing post production at 1 in the morning and 7 in the morning too
– 7 Models, 1 artist, an ethicist and 2 museums. 1 hotel and 2 restaurants. Shot them all.
– Other stuff

I was out shooting a personal project until 1:30 this morning. Now, as I mentioned, it’s early Sunday morning and
I’m sitting here writing this. I woke up because I really wanted to look at the shots I did last night and I finally (in
my sleep, I guess) got an idea for this week’s blog entry.

This is it.

I’ve never liked alchohol….it makes me feel wrong. I guess I like workahol. (And, if you ask me, taking pictures
is like a drug.)

Here are a few shots from last week.
(click on images to enlarge)





Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.

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