My friend Guy Bérubé throws some interesting parties. I know this. That’s why I asked him
if I could set up a photo studio at one of his bashes.

I was given a room that measured 10 x 18 feet where I set up a seamless backdrop and a light.
Around about 9:00 p.m. folks started showing up. A line formed outside the studio/room and
over the next 4 hours I photographed 27 people/groups. That’s one “sitting” every 8 minutes.

It was easier than it sounds because the people wanting to be photographed were ready, willing
and able to act snappy, follow directions and make way for the next person/group in line. Plus,
the vibe was better than good and every thing and body seemed real fluid.

The next day I started rooting through the images. I did one edit (down to 20 photos) which will
be shown for one night only at Guy’s gallery: Gallery La Petite Mort (September 23rd, ’06, 7 to 10).
I didn’t want to publish those images here so decided to throw some out out takes onto tonyfoto/drool.
That’s one of the swell things about having a blog: it’s a place for rejects, Plan “B”, BIGFUN and research
and development.

After I put together the 10 images below I started to think of them not so much as out takes but, really,
just another bunch of shots from one room one night.

(click on images to enlarge)






Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.

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  1. Lovely shots, just now wishing I had worn something of a maid’s outfit. Thanks for making a fun night even more fun.

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