I thought long and hard about publishing the work I did while I was in Spain.

As the title of the publications says, I don’t speak Spanish, and I wasn’t there
long enough to really get a grip on what was in front of me. This, as opposed
to the kinds of projects I usually do, where I immerse myself, get close. Speak
the language, so to speak.



As well, typically my projects (and the projects STRAYLIGHT likes to bring
forward) have a social/political framework.

These facts have made me a little bit impatient with photo projects (my own,
and others) where, to use a phrase Jörg Colberg is keen on, nothing is at stake.

And, believe me, after (or: if) you have done a project where your sanity and/or
general well being is on the line, everything else pales in comparison, seems
more like a pastime than anything else.

In a way, that kind of thinking has ruined me a bit. I’m turning 60 on Tuesday and
sometimes feel a bit worn out, spent. The good-old putting-just-about-everything-
on-the-line approach can feel too daunting. But anything else just seems facile. So
I’m stuck on the horns of a dilemma.

More about this in future drools. Let’s get back to I don’t speak Spanish . . .



After thinking (long and hard) about this work, after spending a month or so doing
an edit, I have decided to print it and to stand by it, offer it for sale at STRAYLIGHT.
(Sign up for the newsletter, below, to get first notice about its availability. The thing
only costs $12.50 and there are also a couple of swell Special Editions available.)

I think the tipping point for me was when I was finally happy with the edit, which (I
believe) comes close to describing what it felt like to walk through the bits of Spain
I walked through, on my way to nowhere.

It feels like me.


Pete Brook, over at Prison Photography (a blog you should have a look
at, for sure) has some thoughts about Christina’s book. There’s also an
interview with her: good questions and honest answers.


See it here: XXXX

We thought, for a minute, that Back to me. was sold out, but Christina
has decided to sell all but one of her stash. There are now 4 copies of
this book (which Pete Brook calls “tense, honest and important”) left.

Get one of them here: XXXX


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Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.