I’m conducting a couple of Master Classes this summer. Check them out if you think (or kind of feel) that the approach I practice, and write about here, is one you’d like to learn more about. These classes will be hand’s on and participants will get lots of personal attention. Follow the links for more detail and dates . . .

Portraiture as Experience will teach you an approach to portraiture that will transform your experience for both the photographer (you) and the (your) subject.

You’ll learn a number of simple things that will help you to open up your relationship with people you photograph. I’ll also be showing you some technical and logistical stuff that will help you to free up how you work.

But wait! There’s more! We will also discuss how you can work towards creating a complete portrait project that suits your aims and ambitions.

This class will change how you create portraits.

The other class is called¬†Deeper. It will introduce you to a philosophy, strategies and approaches to photography that will add nuance, depth and complexity to your work. You’ll learn how to use your camera, and the edit/sequence process, in ways that will transform your photo practice.

Portraiture as Experience

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.