When I began my latest project, back before Trump was elected, or even running to be, President of the USA, I was calling it The Future.

That, what the future might look (and feel) like, was what I was trying to show, was the thought I was holding in my head as I went about shooting and sequencing the images.

But as I got deeper into the thing that title, The Future, seemed  too proscriptive, didn’t leave enough room for the viewer to wonder. And leaving room for the viewer to wonder is, in my opinion, central to art.

At any rate, about 9 months ago I decided to call the work After the Fact.
That seemed a more open-ended title, with some future, some outcome, being merely implied. People looking at the work might wonder, “After what fact?”.

But it would seem that events have overtaken the possible future I had imagined. It would seem that we have moved past whatever fact the work asked its viewers to imagine. We no longer have to imagine, it’s there, right in front of us.

So now this work seems to me to be more like news (although not the news that’s presented to you by all the status quo minds and habits that seem to control media, governmental and corporate institutions).

Perhaps I should change the title again, maybe I should call it The Present.

Please go here and support this project. You will be rewarded.

(It’s eighty-one percent funded. Seven days and eight hundred dollars to go.)

Author: Tony Fouhse

Tony is an Ottawa-based photographer.