Started a new portfolio……this is the first page:


I was real tired of the standard photo-portfolio format and had a bunch of misc. test prints lying on my desk. The kind of output I’d normally throw out when I was done with it. Anyway, I picked up a plain old sketch book and some double sided tape. (I already had the black masking tape.) Then I just started sticking the prints onto the pages. Trying to keep it loose. Not thinking about it too, too much..

Here are the next three pages:


(click image below to enlarge)


When I ran out of images that were just lying around I started making prints of new work as I shot it. I stuck them in too. Chronologically. So the book’s kind of random and keeps evolving as more images become available. I think I might stop adding shots at the end of the summer and take it around to show folks.

Here’s the last spread I stuck in:

(click image to enlarge)


A while ago I decided to start a series of photos of people in their bedrooms. No sexual content, just the tension. I want the images to be little scenarios about the dramas inherent in such a loaded place/space.


(I’m thinking of titling the series “Boudoir Noir”. The images are kind of over the top, over lit and melodramatic…….kind of like the boudoir photography that wedding photographers do as a sideline. Except different.)

As usual, I do 2 or 3 setups in each location I go to. As usual, some of the shots better fit the look and feel I’m after than others. And, as usual, some of the images that don’t fit…….well, I kind of like them just for what they are. Sort of mistakes, but sort of not. Anyway, I believe that you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes so I always try to allow myself to make mistakes. It’s not too difficult.

Here’s one. It’s an out take from my shoot of Angie. It looks too photojournalistic (to me) to fit the series but I kind of like it anyway.

I’m still working on this project. I’ll post the complete series, when it’s done, on my web site. Stay tuned here for notification.